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When to Visit

When to Visit Kalinzu Forest Reserve

You can visit the kalinzu forest reserve for chimpanzee trekking at any time of the year though it would be good if you considered the seasons like from Mach to May, it’s a long rainy season and this means that this time of the year doesn’t favour those that are intending to visit for viewing chimpanzees and other forest activities since the rain is very heavy and insistent , and chimpanzee trekking becomes so challenging as the tracking trails are not easy and you may not be able to see many wildlife species as you would do in the dry season.

From June to Mid-September.

This is a dry period and it’s a good time of the year to visit Uganda especially those who want to visit the Primates in Uganda like the Mountain  gorillas and Chimpanzee in kalinzu forest reserve. This is the best time for chimpanzee tracking  since it will be a dry season in the rain forests where the chimps and the gorillas stay but you can also carry a rain coat and the boots since it might rain any time when going for gorilla trekking in Uganda or gorilla trek in Rwanda . During the dry season, hiking is so easier and this works for those in favour of those that want to hike in Uganda.

Game viewing in Queen Elizabeth national park to search for the tree climbing lions in the jungle is so easy in these months since the animals always come by the water sources to slake their thirst since water is scarce in some parts of the park. This also means that you will know where to find the animals during the game viewing process.

From October to November

This is also one of the month rainy season and its short and after this, there is the dry season that comes from December to February. In this short season, the chimpanzee trekking can be done though can be a bit tough. Also this is the best time for bird watching since around this time, most of the smaller plants and the trees are flowering which helps in attracting many birds. You are advised to book a birding safari and this starts towards the end of the rainy season.

The photographers can use this particular time to take pictures because there are a lot of flowers that are so thriving. Here the vegetation is all green and the skies are so blue which offers a great background for the photographs.

Definitely a Uganda Safari trip to  kalinzu forest, queen elizabeth National park & Bwindi Forest National Park will be more than you can expect. You will see many primates and many other wildlife species and vegetation cover and many more. Just outside the communities, there are some fantastic communities that are very helpful most especially the cultural tours and the community visits.