Welcome to Kalinzu Forest reserve - National Foresty authority

Nature Walk

Hiking and nature walks. This activity is done in the forest by following some trails in the forest. This activity will enable you see some primate species like the blue monkey, vervet monkeys, bird species like the Great Blue Turaco and various tree species. The walks can take between 3-6 hours.


There are 4 trails in the forest and they include;

Palm trail. This trail is 5 km, takes between 1-3 hours and the land is relatively flat. It is called so because there are many palm like tree species along the trail. Visitors will discover various tree species like Raphia palms which are used for making mats, the flame tree which people believe that it increases sexual libido in women, the dragon tree.

Valley trail. This hike is along a ridge and tourist will see tree species like Mutragyne (the Viagra tree). The trail is three and a half kilometers which is about 2hours walk. This trail has a good view to a steep valley within the forest.

River trail. This trail is two and a half kilometers. It’s the shortest trail which takes around 1hour. It’s called so because there is a river along the trail, river Kajojo. Along this trail, chimpanzees might be spotted and some tree species like huge strangler figure and the climax tree.

Waterfall trail. This is the longest trail of 11km which will take you about 4-5hours and a bit challenging. The trail is hilly and in some parts the land is wet. The trail leads you the spectacular Kilyantama waterfall. Some bird species are also seen, primates and some animals like forest hogs, duikers.