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Chimpanzee Tracking Uganda

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kalinzu Forest Reserve

Many tourists and visitors , gorilla trekking & Wildlife viewing is the driving force for the increased primate safaris in Uganda however chimpanzee Tracking in Kalinzu forest doesn’t requires you to book secure chimpanzee permit which is sold at the offices ( Reception ) on the very day of Chimpanzee Tracking near queen elizabeth national park is a wonderful safari activity enjoyed by travelers that are on private guided safaris or self drive safaris in Uganda.

Chimpanzee trekking in  Kalinzu forest starts off from the reception center where the tourists meet the forest rangers and the tourists are also expected to be at the reception as early as 7: 30am.  The tourists spend only 1 hour with the chimpanzees in Kalinzu forest reserve, and get to observe them so closely going about their own lives and see the human like features and behavior that makes them our closest relatives with 98.7 % DNA.The chimps also communicate by way of deafening screams, the loud hoots and booming hitting of the tree barks and the buttress. It’s such a hair rising moment like no other and so memorable.

These habituated chimpanzee group in Kalinzu forest is also bigger with about 30 individuals and due to the greatness of the forest and terrain, it gives few chances of seeing the chimps as the same case in Kibale Forest national park.

Chimpanzee trekking experience is so different from that of Uganda gorilla trekking  or Rwanda Gorilla Trek as the chimps are running around in the tree canopies and there may be running after to catch up and the sightings are more rushed and sporadic.

Kalinzu chimpanzee tracking Chimpanzee tracking actually is a very fascinating experience that can be added as an extra activity in Kalinzu forest after a visit to Queen Elizabeth National park wildlife adventure. Prepare today and set out to the Uganda Forest Authority reserve jungle of Kalinzu to view all natural jungle today as you spend a number of hours tracking these impressive creatures in the wild. You will be allowed to spend some time (at most an hour) with our mesmerizing relatives, as you observe them swing from one tree to another, feed, play about or progress speedily on the ground right in front of you.

Chimpanzee Tracking UgandaChimpanzee tracking. This is the major activity with in the forest and so exciting. The activity is done by following the tracks of the chimpanzees so as to know where they are. It is done in tourist groups of 6 people with a guide who always leads the way as he tell you about the chimpanzees, what they feed on, their gestation period life expectancy and how they generally live. Chimpanzee tracking is done at 7am and 3pm and it lasts about 2-3hours, it’s done at these times because in the morning they are leaving their nests to go and look for food and in the evening they are returning back to their nests. As you track you will also see other primates like monkeys and some bird species that live in the forest.

Here, chimp tracking is at shs.140000 which is approximately $35 for foreign non-residents.

Chimp tracking has some rules, dos and donts;

  1. Children below 12 years are not allowed to go for chimpanzee tacking.
  2. People with diseases are not allowed to track as they may spread the disease to the creatures.
  3. No one is allowed to track without the forest guide.
  4. Flash cameras are not allowed in the forest.
  5. There should be a distance of about 8mbetween the chimpanzees and the tourists.