Chimpanzee Tracking Rules

Rules and tips for chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu Central Forest reserve is managed by the Forestry Authority in Uganda. There are rules that visitors are required to know and follow before and during the chimpanzee tracking activity. These rules are designed with the safety of visitors and forest animals in mind. For example: –

Only 6 people are allowed to track a particular chimp community per session. This is to avoid overcrowding and irritating the chimps.

One must be 12 years and above to track chimpanzees in Kalinzu forest.

Visitors are only allowed one hour with the chimps. This is to limit the spread of diseases but also to avoid getting them agitated or alerted.

While with the chimpanzees, keep your voice low.

Do not eat food while close to the chimps.

Don’t try to provoke the chimps.

Do not wonder away from your group or the main trail. Always have company even when going to ease yourself.

Visitors are not allowed to track chimpanzees on their own and without an authorized Guide. This is because chimpanzees can get aggressive when they spot unfamiliar faces.

Visitors with flue, cough, diarrhea or any other transmittable diseases are not allowed to go near the chimps to avoid risk of exposure.

Keep a distance of at least 8 meters away from the chimps.

Using flash cameras is prohibited as it could alert the chimpanzees.

Always follow instructions from the Guides and do not come to close to chimpanzees. They are more aggressive than gorillas and though relatively small are more powerful than most humans.

Do not litter the forest while tracking the chimpanzees.

It is important to move with packed snack and drinking water when going out to track the chimps.

[;……………Go prepared with good hiking boots, long stockings, a hat, long trousers and shirts. Do not forget to move with a hiking stick and rain jacket especially during the rainy season.

Chimps spend a lot of time on top of trees and a good binocular will enrich your experience.